The CML academic team engages in extensive research to stay at the forefront of teaching quality and pedagogical developments. The centre’s research projects are primarily focused on foreign language acquisition and bilingualism, especially language learning strategies, motivation, natural order of acquisition, and cognitive processes. A further broad theme of research is Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Blended Learning, including Flipped Classroom. In this, a further focus is student engagement and empowerment in all aspects of the learning process. A third broad field of research is linguistics, comprising sociolinguistics, textlinguistics, morphology, syntax, semantics, cognitive and applied linguistics.

To remain on the forefront of teaching quality the centre’s research focuses on new teaching trends and strategies, especially foreign language teaching methodologies and Task Based Learning. In addition, the CML team researches on creative and student-centric curriculum design and creative assessment strategies, including effective digital assessment methods in language learning. Beyond the core of language learning research also explores the incorporation of cross-disciplinary content in foreign language learning, Sociocultural Evolution and Cultural Anthropology.

The research findings are regularly published and presented at relevant local and international conferences, with a detailed list of publications and conference presentations by faculty from the CML under the respective tabs. Furthermore, a list of research grants awarded to CML faculty is below:

​Research Grants
​Lorenz, Patricia. (2019). Engaging Students in Cross Disciplinary Module Design. EdeX Grant 2018-2019 from the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division, NTU.
Jaratjarungkiat, Sureenate, Nityato, Dusit, He, Xiaoling, and Sakurai, Shogo. (2019). ​Innovative Assessment for Listening Comprehension in Foreign Language Learning Using 360°VR Video. EdeX Grant 2018-2019 from the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division, NTU.
He, Xiaoling, Jaratjarungkiat, Sureenate, and Sakurai, Shogo. (on-going). Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition in Foreign Language Learning: The effectiveness of paper-based glosses, computer-based glosses and e-dictionary use. MOE Academic Research Funding (AcRF) Tier 1​.
​He, Xiaoling, Jaratjarungkiat, Sureenate, Sakurai, Shogo, and Chen, Liandong. (2015). Team-Based Learning in Foreign Language Courses: Innovative Curricula, Teaching and Assessment in Chinese, Thai and Japanese. EdeX Grant 2015-2016 from the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division, NTU.
McCloskey, K., Ong, K., Ghesquière, J., and Pang, S. (2013). ‘Virtual Language Table’: A Smart Phone App to Enhance Collaborative Language Learning. EdeX Grant 2012-2013 from the Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy Division, NTU.