Swedish Language Level 2
​Pre-requisite ​Academic Units Tutorials​
​LN9001 or Placement Test ​3 ​36 hours


The aim is to enable the students to improve both their ability to communicate and their linguistic competence in Swedish. A balance of receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) skills are developed through communicative classes and self‐study. All courses will give further insight into the country’s culture and society in a global context. How to study a language and various transferable skills are also part of the course.


This 48-hour course aims to build on language skills and cultural knowledge acquired either through the beginners’ courses (LN9001) or equivalent skills attained in Sweden during their student exchange programmes. In addition, they will be introduced to more facets of Scandinavian and Nordic culture, tradition and mentality of its people. Upon its completion, students will have improved their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Through a wide range of teaching materials, such as books, videos, web tutorials, articles, group and paired work and class debates, they will gain further insight into Swedish life and culture. The language of instruction will be Swedish.