Minor in Modern Languages

 The CML now offers NTU studens the opportunity to study towards a Minor in Modern Languages in five main languages:
French  -  German  -  Japanese  -  Korean  -  Spanish

Completing the Minor in Modern Languages demonstrates an appreciation of foreign cultures and an interest in the world beyond. A minor in a foreign language (French, German, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish) will enable students to acquire higher-level language skills and to perceive areas of their specialisation in a new light. These qualities provide extra dimensions for career opportunities in the private industry, the non-profit and government sectors, as well as for graduate school or academic careers. This minor also adds an important credential to CVs and can greatly improve employment prospects.

In our globalised world, having a good proficiency in one or more foreign languages is an advantage that more and more employers are recognising. Being multilingual is a great benefit to the nations' economic competitiveness, political success, and security.
The objective of this minor is to enable students to engage in more advanced study of the language, literature, and culture of the chosen language. This minor will give students a much deeper exposure to socio-cultural aspects associated with the people that speak the language of study.
To satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Modern Languages, students must complete at least five language courses for a total of at least 15 AUs.
Students have a choice of three options for this minor:​ ​
Option 1 5 courses (15 AUs) in one main language ​one of these courses must be at Level 4 or higher
​Option 2
4 courses (12 AUs) in one main language
​one of these courses must be at Level 4 or higher
​plus 1 course (3 AUs) in one of any other language offered at the CML ​this can be of any level
​Option 3 * 3 courses (9 AUs) in one main language
​one of these courses must be at Level 4 or higher
​plus 2 courses (6 AUs) in one of any other language offered at the CML ​these can be of any levels
​ * This option suits students with a prior knowledge in one language who will be placed in a higher level course when they begin studying languages at NTU. These students may not have the possibility to do more than 3 courses in one language during their studies at NTU.
Register for the Minor in Modern Languages
The university has specific guidelines for students who want to register for the Minor in Modern Languages. Students have two options when registering for a minor:
  1. Declare Intention to Pursue a Minor
  2. File for the Award of Minors(s)

Further details about the registration guidelines for minors can be found here.


Special Notes

  • Up to 6 AUs can be from credits obtained by attending approved language courses at a university or approved language institute in a country where that language is spoken/taught, provided these courses are matched to NTU language courses.
  • Level 4 in the main language of the minor is mandatory to fulfil the requirements for a Minor in Modern Languages.