All CML courses are classified as GER-Unrestricted Electives and they each carry 3 AUs. Modern language electives are taught using a communicative approach with focus on interaction as the means as well as the ultimate goal of language learning. Communicative language teaching places emphasis on helping students to use the target language in a variety of contexts.

When learning a language, all four skills need to be learnt for complete communication. The modern language courses teach all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated manner as these skills are interconnected and cannot be taught independently. As all four skills are needed to successfully assimilate into any environment, our language classes mirror as closely as possible an authentic environment where the target language is used.

All our language modules are conducted in tutorials and from Semester 1 of AY2015/16 onwards, they are no longer examinable. Students will therefore be assessed during the entire 12 teaching weeks through class tests, quizzes, listening comprehensions, oral tests and classroom activities.

Our classes start in Week 2 of every semester. All Levels 1 and 2 offer 3 classroom hours per week and 12 hours per semester online, while that of Levels 3 and above are of 4 classroom hours per week.