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Malay Language
Malay language courses are offered by the School of Humanities as free electives at introductory level. We offer three levels of Malay language courses. These modules offer students of different disciplines an opportunity to experience Malay language, expressions and culture. Through these modules students will be conversant in Malay language and experience the joy of interacting fondly with their Malay speaking friends.
Our lessons and class activities are conducted in an interactive way. Depending on the nature of the exercises, pair work, group work and role-play are popular methods of teaching. In addition to the textbook; games and quizzes will be incorporated into class activities to delight students' learning experience.  
Our Malay language courses aim to provide students with competence in understanding and using basic Malay, that is, to enable students to use Malay language with regard to the four language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - at the basic level.The emphasis is on its practical use within a limited range of situations at the level of everyday communication. It aims to enable students to express themselves on things close to themselves using simple expressions. The content of this course is also designed to introduce some aspects of Malay sosial and cultural practices through the use of texts and exercises in the course materials.
Here are some reasons why you should learn Malay language;
1. It is Singapore's National language -  Learning Malay helps you to understand Singapore's history and its unique cultural and ethnic mix.
2. It is a practical choice - With more than 230 million speakers in the region, you would have plenty of opportunities to use the language and forge new friendship with your friends from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
3. It is your travel companion - Learning Malay certainly helps when you travel to the neighbouring countries. it helps you to get around, get things done and communicate with your friends in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
4. it is easy to pick up - Malay language uses the same Roman letters from the alphabet which makes it so much easier to pick up if you already know English.There are no tones, tense, grammatical gender and plural forms.
5. It is for bonding and friendship - You definitely have many Malay friends, teachers and neighbours. Hence, knowing Malay helps you to communicate and bond better with them.
6. It is part of Singapore's unique language, 'Singlish' - There are many phrases coined from combining words in Malay, Chinese and English and these have become our unique way of communicating with one another. Learning Malay would help you to understand how these phrases come about, its original and new meaning and even create new phrases that could further shape Singapore's language identity.
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