Latin Language Level 1
​Pre-requisite ​Academic Units Tutorials​
​No previous study of the language ​3 ​36 hours


The aim is to enable the students to improve both their ability to communicate and their linguistic competence in Latin. While a balance of receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) skills are developed through communicative classes and self‐study, the emphasis of this course will weigh more heavily on the reading skills. The course will give an insight into the culture, literature and society of Ancient Rome. How to study a language and various transferable skills are also part of the course.



This 36-hour course aims to introduce the students to the Latin language and provide them with the basic tools to communicate in that language. In addition, they will be introduced to various Latin texts. Upon its completion, students will be able to express themselves in basic writing and speaking. They will also acquire basic reading and listening comprehension skills. This will be done trough a wide range of teaching materials, such as books, videos, web tutorials, articles and class debates. The language of instruction will initially be English with an increasing portion of Latin. Towards the end of the course instruction and basic communications will be done in the target language.