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Frustrated with poorly worded subtitles on your favorite Korean dramas? Wish you could work in or travel around the hometown of your favorite Hallyu (Korean wave, 韓流, 한류) star? Our Korean language courses offer strong foundations in oral and written skills with integrated language teaching method of four major fuctions such as listening, speaking, reading and writing in the context of active interaction. They also expose students to many aspects of Korean culture, making learning Korean with us a truly holistic experience.


 NTUs Korean Language program has been very successful in bringing across the Korean Language and the Korean Culture to all levels of students. As a student who has started learning Korean through this program and currently I am at the highest possible level, Level 5, I can say that I am very impressed with the passion of the teachers and also the pace of learning.

I had first wanted to learn the Korean Language because I was very interested in K-pop and K-drama, but the teachers here have since changed my motivations; they have made the language so fun to learn that one just wishes to continue learning. Korean classes are always so fun; I look forward to them every week without fail.
The learning of the various aspects of Korean culture in each level is also one of the strong points of NTUs Korean Language program. This involvement of culture allows us to understand and interact with our Korean counterparts better.

 - Ronald Koh Joon Wei (LK9005) -


For more information, please contact Korean language coordinator at Korean@ntu.edu.sg