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MARCH 2018



featured in SCMP
Conversely, interest in Russia is also growing. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University introduced Russian as a course in 2017. Elena Ermilova, the course coordinator, says Russian led a recent survey of which languages students wanted to learn. “The university has a lot of engineering students and there are many big IT companies here that are Singapore-based but Russian-owned,” says Ermilova.

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featured in Mannheimer Morgen

"Bringing the world into our home"

The Carrera family has been hosting exchange students for 25 years and recently two students from Singapore stayed with them while on a language immersion programme. "Too short" - was the answer the two students gave when asked about their stay in Mannheim. For two weeks Karl Ann Too and Kimberly Wong were learning German at the University of Mannheim - too short to quench their interest in the German language and culture, but long enough to make them want to come back.

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also featured in Twitter
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Blossoming interest in learning Malay

featured in Berita Harian, 21 NOV '17, PAGE 7


The demand for learning Malay language among undergraduates here continue to increase. This trend was noted by NTU, NUS and Unisim, which offered Malay language courses. At NTU, more than 200 students learn Malay each semester and there are many others in the waiting list. The ease of communicating with Malay friends, neighbours and when travelling to Malaysia and Indonesia continue to be the main reason for choosing to learn the language.

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pick up latin, swedish at ntu

Since August, 24 students have been attending weekly Latin classes at NTU. The classes are run by NTU’s Centre for Modern Languages, which introduces a new language course based on student demand and its potential use, has also brought in Swedish. It brings the total number of language electives offered at NTU to 16. Assoc Prof Francesco Paolo Cavallaro, the centre’s director, said it was surprised by the demand for Latin. The class – which is taught by Dr Perono Cacciafoco Francesco – has more than 70 students on its waiting list. Another 32 students are learning Swedish from Mr Mans Jakob Hedberg, who, like Dr Perono Cacciafoco, is also a member of the NTU teaching staff. Third-year linguistics and multilingual studies major Benjamin Goh, 24, took up the Latin class because he wanted to learn a classical language, after picking up Italian and German. Biological science student Neo Shi Yong, 24, decided to learn Swedish as he plans to pursue postgraduate studies in biology in Sweden after graduating.

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grab the opportunity to learn latin in ntu

Farah Syazana Suhaimi, a third-year NTU student, is among 24 students from various fields who are taking a Latin language course at the university. Mr Francesco Cavallaro, Head of NTU’s Centre for Modern Languages, said they introduced Latin classes after finding out that students are interested to learn the language. Over 70 students are on the waiting list for the Latin course. Another new language offered by the university is Swedish. The university said that Sweden is among the top five popular destinations for exchange programmes among NTU students. Since 1995, more than 1,600 students were involved in exchange programmes in Sweden, while more than 1,800 students from Swedish universities have gone to NTU. With the Latin and Swedish courses, NTU now offers 16 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Russian, Singapore Sign Language, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.
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students interested in "dying languages"; ntu starts latin language classes


Latin has become a "dead language" because no country or ethnic group use it currently. However, NTU students have expressed an interest in the language, and the University has started language classes in Latin. There are now 24 students registered for the course, with 70 more on the waiting list. NTU is also starting a Swedish language class as Sweden is one of the five most popular countries NTU students pick to go for their overseas exchange. NTU now has 16 language classes in total. Assoc Prof Francesco Paolo Cavallaro, head of NTU's Centre for Modern Language said, "The language is not commonly used, which is precisely why students are extra interested in it. Latin also has influenced many modern languages. Students can better appreciate the artefacts left behind by ancient Rome after studying the language."

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MAY 2017


embassy of sweden in singapore has endorsed us on their facebook post


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NTU starts Russian language elective; to offer Swedish, Latin next semester

featured in The Nanyang Chronicle

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APRIL 2017


singaporean students will speak in russian

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MARCH 2017


russian joins list of language electives on offer at ntu

featured in The Strait Times


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ntu offers russian and singapore sign language classes

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NTU adds russian and singapore sign language to its unique language offerings

 featured in NTU Official News Release