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ntu student wins KGSP Scholarship

Congratulations to Jo Tan Mei Jing, who was previously placed 3rd in the 13th Korean Speech Contest and after completing her undergraduate studies in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, she proceeded to apply for the KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Programme) Graduate Programme. It is offered by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) and is one of the largest and best known scholarships programmes in Korea. This scholarship entitles Jo to 2 years of fully sponsored education, airfare, monthly allowance of 900,000 Won, a settlement allowance of 200,000 Won upon entry, and Korean proficiency grants. After multiple selection rounds, Jo will be one of three Singaporeans representing Singapore as a KGSP scholar. She will be embarking on her Master's degree in Korean Studies for 2 years this coming autumn at the prestigious Seoul National University.

two ntu students are awarded Goethe Institut Scholarships

Congratulations to LG9004 students Soon Wei Long and Arabella Gunawan to be awarded Goethe Institut scholarships.
Wei Long won the scholarship for a 4-week intensive German language course in Germany, and has chosen Duesseldorf to further his German language studies. Arabella was awarded a scholarship to further her language studies in the Goethe Institut in Singapore after completing LG9005.

First NTU student to be awarded a DAAD scholarship

Chin Yann.jpg

Congratulations to former LG9004 student Lim Chin Yann, who is the first NTU student to be awarded a DAAD scholarship to study a course of his choice in Germany!
Chin Yann had previously won a Goethe Institut scholarsip for an intensive course, and consequently was able to pass the B2 examination. He then applied for the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Auslands Dienst) scholarship. His scholarship allows him to choose a course of his choice at any university in Germany. Chin Yann has chosen to take a cross-disciplinary summer course in German and Business Studies at the University of Bayreuth.


Congratulations to the eight Korean students have passed the 63th TOPIK held in April 2019.
TOPIK 3 (B1): Jean Tan Choong Zin
TOPIK 4 (B2): Chong Shun Jie and Ng Hwee Yuan
TOPIK 5 (C1): Soo Cai Qian and Kwok Wei Jie
TOPIK 6 (C2): Vivian Ngm Hui Ting, Liao Qian Ping, and Jo Tan Mei Jing

Four NTU students pass the Zertifikat A2 (CEFR) at the Goethe Institut

Congratulations to the 4 LG9003 students who passed the Zertifikat A2 (A2 certificate according to CEFR) at the Goethe Institut on 22nd April 2019:
  • Bhatt Swapneel Dipak
  • Chow Siew Yeng
  • Thanaraj
  • Madeline Teo Hui Zhen



10 LG9003  students passed the Zertifikat A2 (CEFR) at the Goethe Institut

Congratulations to the 10 LG9003 students who passed the Zertifikat A2 (A2 certificate according to CEFR) at the Goethe Institut on 19th November 2018:

  • Ester Vivienne Yeo
  • Gu Tianyi
  • Lee Wei Jiat
  • Li Yanqing
  • Lydia Jasmin
  • Neo Shen Ru
  • Neo Wen Ying Claire
  • Seah Hui Xian Eunice
  • Wang Ziyi
  • Wu Lihan


4 NTU students passed the DELF Certifications

Congratulations to the students of French who passed the various levels of DELF examinations in 2018:
  • Pong Xiang Yuan Brenda
  • Chen Jiahui
  • Nur Nadhirah Afiqah Binte Zakariah


  • Li Yingchen



NTU student wins OMSK State Technical University scholarship 2018

Congratulations to LR9002 student Sonya Ng who is the first NTU student to win the scholarship from a Russian university for an intensive Russian language course in Russian Siberia! Sonya applied for a scholarship offered by Omsk State Technical University after taking LR9001 in 2017.  The scholarship covered the full tuition fee including educational and cultural program.


NTU student wins the 3rd Place in the Korean Speech Contest 2018

Korean award 2018s.jpg
Congratulations to Tan Mei Jing, Jo, who won the third place in the 13th Korean Speech Contest!
The contest was held on 22 September 2018 and was sponsored by the Korean Embassy in Singapore. To develop her Korean language skills, Jo has completed CML’s Korean courses from LK9001 to LK9005 as part of her undergraduate studies. She delivered her speech entitled “Warm-Hearted Korean”, a collection of anecdotes about the Korean people she has met. Besides receiving an award certificate, she also won a brand new tablet PC.

NTU student wins the Goethe Institut Scholarship 2018

Chin Yann.jpg

Congratulations to former LG9004 student Lim Chin Yann who is the first NTU student to win the Goethe Institut scholarship 2018 for an intensive language course in Germany!
Chin Yann was eligible to apply for the scholarship, after he had learnt German at NTU to a B1 level. He won the scholarship after he talked about his passion for the German language and German watchmaking in his scholarship interview. His scholarship will pay for a four-week intensive course in Dresden, his accommodation, meals, and his flight.

NTU student wins a RossotrudnichestvoScholarship

After completing LR9001 at NTU, Desirae Tan Li Wei won the Rossotrudnichestvo scholarship and took a summer Russian language course at the Moscow State Linguistic University sponsored by the Russian government.

10 LG9003 and LG9004 students passed the Zertifikat A2 (CEFR) at the Goethe Institut

201804 A2.jpg

Congratulations to the 10 LG9003 and LG9004 students who successfully attempted and were awarded the Zertifikat A2 (A2 certificate according to CEFR) at the Goethe Institut on 20th April 2018. The successful students were:



Student Achievements in Foreign Language based Exams and Jobs

Congatulations to all the Japanese language students for the following achievments:
  • 5 NTU students secured jobs through the ASIA to JAPAN initiative, one of whom attended a 40-hour course conducted by Ms Morikawa from Feb to May 2018.
  • 3 students will flew to Japan for interviews sponsored by ASIA to JAPAN at the end of August.
  • 1 student has been hired by a Japanese company via Nikkei HR while another 2 students flew to Japan for interviews in August.
  • 3 students were selected by JET (the Japan Exchange and Teaching) Program: 2 were selected to work as assistant language teachers while the third as a coordinator for international relations.

Congratulations to the seven Frensh foreign language students who have passed the following examinations in May 2018:

  • DELF A1: 1 student
  • DELF A2: 3 students
  • DELF B1: 2 students
  • DELF B2: 1 student
Congratulations to all the students of Korean who have passed the TOPIK examinations in April 2018:
  • Level 2 (A2): 8 students
  • Level 3 (B1): 2 students
  • Level 4 (B2): 3 students
  • Level 5 (C1): 7 students
  • Level 6 (C2): 1 student




16 LG9003 students pass the Zertifikat A2 (CEFR) at the Goethe Institut

2017 11 A2.jpg
16 LG9003 students passed the Zertifikat A2 (A2 certificate according to CEFR) at the Goethe Institut on 20th November 2017. The successful students were:

  • Chung Yu Ting
  • Md Farhan Tan Zeyu
  • Chong Ning Hui Cherrie
  • Ooi Wen Rui Kenneth
  • Dennis Sharmawan
  • Elisabeth Faustine Rahardjo
  • Yi Zirong
  • Fang Meiyi
  • Tan Jian Jia
  • Phang Kai Yang Daron
  • Liu Hao
  • Nur Nabila Farhana
  • Sophia Huang Hui
  • Yang Sze Yuan Ivan



7 StudenTs passed the DELF Examinations


Congratulations to the 7 students from various French classes who have passed different levels of DELF examinations in Nov 2017:




DELE 2017



Congratulations to the following LS9004 students for having passed their  DELE B1  examination on 13th May 2017:

  • Ng Kim Li
  • Tang Xian Cher*
  • Vanessa Ellen Nah Mei Yin

​*Tang Xian Cher even managed to achieve the outstanding overall score of 87%, scoring full marks in her oral expression and interaction test!




Congratulations! to OUR zertifikat A2 Passers​

german A2.png

On 17.04.2017 five LG9003 students sat for the Zertifikat A2 at the Goethe Institut and passed the examination successfully:

  • Donald Sim Yuhui
  • Isa Nadirah Binte
  • Lim Hyun Jeong
  • Soon Wei Long
  • Wang Yi Dan


Congratulations to all, especially to Soon Wei Long who managed to achieve the outstanding total score of 91%.




Nikkei Asian Recruiting Forum 2017.png



Out of 4,142 students from 51 universities across Asia who applied for “Nikkei Asian Recruiting Forum 2017” in Tokyo from 20-17 August this year. Only 81 students were invited to have job interviews with multiple Japanese companies during that week. Airfare, accommodation, sightseeing, etc. are all sponsored by Nikkei. Our representatves, Siyao Pang (Mechanical Engineering), Yeo Kai Yeat (Double Degrees in Business and Computer Science) and Lee Hui Shan, will be joining this event as well. We wish them all the best!



Our students win 2017 Japanese Speech Contest


Congratulations! to our NTU students who went to the final round (Top 6) of the Japanese Speech Contest in Singapore (Tertiay Division) on July 9th, 2017.

            • Teo Guo Mun (LJ9007 student) received the 2nd place
  • Gan Jia Hu (LJ9003 student) received the 'Best Effort Award' and
  • ​Lay Huang Teik (LJ9003 student)






In May 2016, the following two students from the LS9004 batch of Semester 2, AY2015/2016 passed their DELE B1:
  • Tay Xin Pei Samantha
  • Zhang Lian
In May 2016, the following two students from LS9002 batch of Semester 2, AY2015/2016 passed his DELE A1:
  • Foo Gao Ming Jerald
  • Keichi Tan Chee Zhi
* DELE training sessions were provided by the Spanish Language Coordinator, Mrs. Cristina Gonzalez Ruiz, prior to the exam.


 A2 2016.jpg
14 NTU German students from LG9003 and LG9004 passed the A2 Zertifikat held at the Goethe Institut on 14th November 2016. Their names are:
  • Au Tsi Ying
  • Beatrice Lee
  • Guo Wei
  • Hou Danni
  • Hsu Chin Lun
  • Lee Kendric
  • Li Jingning
  • Lin Weilang John Isaac
  • Loh Ying Hui
  • Low Thien Sen
  • Nia Syazwani binte Sahaban
  • Teo Xue Ling Sarah
  • Yap Jiang Beng
  • Zhang Yiling


On 18th April 2016 the second batch of NTU German students attempted their Start Deutsch 2 examination, which certifies the A2 Level according to the European framework. A total of 17 of the LG9003 students chose to sit for the exam, and all passed, with several students scoring exceptionally high marks! Well done!

The students who passed the SD2 exam are:
  • Abilash Subbaraman,
  • Chia Wei Loong Rayner,
  • David Margono,
  • Dy Raelene Ina Bianchi Mendez,
  • Hafiz Wicaksono Hidayat,
  • Huang Peide,
  • Huang Wanyi,
  • Julian Loke Zhi Liang,
  • Lim Yi Shan Averie,
  • Lim Zhen Jie Jeremy,
  • Lin Sha,
  • Liu Sidi,
  • Loke Xiang Jonathan,
  • Magdalena Si Hoe Sian Min,
  • Nigel Tan Ming Kai,
  • Teo Wei Yang, and
  • Tyan Chwan Rong.



Five students have passed JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test ) test held on December 2016

Level ​Student(s) Passed
​N1 (highest level) 3
​N3 2
  • Hou Xiao
  • Jessica Chua Zi Xi
  • Che Maohao
  • Ang Ching Hui
  •  Li Sze Pui


  • Gan Jia Hui won the 6th place in Japanese Speech Contest in Singapore (tertiary division).
Gan Jia Hui.jpg



10 students have passed TOPIK test held on November 2016

Level Student(s)Passed​
​Level 1 -
​Level 2 5
​Level 3 ​1
​Level 4 ​3
​Level 5 ​1
​Level 6 ​-
  • 19 students have passed TOPIK test held on April 2016
Level Student(s)Passed​
​Level 1 1​
​Level 2 ​7
​Level 3 ​5
​Level 4 ​1
​Level 5 ​4
​Level 6 ​1



Miss Huong Nam Phuong from LF9005 came in third for French student Singing Contest on December 2nd, 2016.


The result for DELF (French Proficiency test) November session 2016

Level ​Student(s) Passed
​A1 -​
​A2 1
​B1 ​4
​B2 ​4

The result for DELF (French Proficiency test) May session 2016

Level ​Student(s) Passed
​A1 1​
​A2 ​1
​B1 ​5





NTU students passed Start Deutsch 2 examination

On 16th November 2015 the first batch of NTU German students attempted their Start Deutsch 2 examination, which certifies the A2 Level according to the European framework. All the students, who took LG9003, passed the examination, and several scored exceptionally high marks. This is a great achievement – Well done! The students who took and passed the external exam are: Fu Weitong Ng Yu Hui Ng Xuan Hua Waranya Wataniyankun Zhao Xuran Zhang Yimei


NTU student Ji Shuang excels in DELE B2 exam

We would like to extend a huge congratulations to our NTU student JI SHUANG on passing the DELE B2 exam in July 2015!
DELE, (Spanish for "Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language"), are official diplomas issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to participants who have passed a standardised test indicating their Spanish language proficiency. The diplomas are valid permanently.
The DELE Diplomas are internationally recognized, and enjoy great prestige not only among public and private educational institutions and authorities, but also in the business world and chambers of commerce. They are ideal for furthering your career and access to education, both in Spain and in other countries where the examinations are given.
Normally, a DELE B2 (Upper Intermediate) certificate is enough for fulfilling the language requirement to be admitted to study in Spanish at universities in Spain.
Passing a DELE B2 is a great achievement for our student, JI SHUANG, who only completed three of our courses at NTU. Prior to taking the exam, Ms Cristina Gonzalez Ruiz provided her with preparatory sessions for this exam.

An exchange student at NTU won United Nations Essay contest!

One of the exchange students who studied Chinese language at NTU has been named a winner of the United Nations ‘Many Languages, One World Essay Contest”, with an essay on ‘Ensuring a healthy life and promoting well-being for all”. The contest, organized by the UN and held in New York in July 2015, challenged university students all over the world to write an essay examining UN’s post-2015 global development agenda in one of the six official languages of the UN which is not the student’s first language. Gil Young Lee, a student at NTU on exchange from Korea’s Ajou University, chose Chinese as one of his subjects, and entered the contest with the help and encouragement of his instructor Dr. Xiaoling He of the Centre for Modern Languages. It is hoped that this exceptional honor will provide an extra incentive for more students to students to learn Chinese at NTU.

NTU Student Won Top Spot in the Japanese Speech Contest 2015

Ms Chong Ka Xin from the Japanese Program won the first place in this year's Tertiary Category in the Japanese Speech Contest sponsored by the Japanese Association, Singapore.
She passed the  preliminary and semi-final rounds before being selected as one of the six finalists, and delivered her speech to the audience and judges at the Auditorium of the Japanese Association on 12 July 2015 (Sunday). The title of her speech was "Power of Perseverance (続ける力)". Besides receiving the coveted Japanese Cultural Society President's Cup (see photo below), Ka Xin also gets to spend 4D3N in the Shizuoka Prefecture on a homestay with fully-paid return airfares, among other attractive prizes.
Ka Xin took NTU's Japanese courses (LJ9002, LJ9003, LJ9004, and LJ9005) as part of her undergraduate studies to improve her language skills.
Congratulations to her wonderful achievement!
ChongKaXin_ed.jpg cert_ed.jpg



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