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Our Students' Achievements 2016




In May 2016, the following two students from the LS9004 batch of Semester 2, AY2015/2016 passed their DELE B1:
  • Tay Xin Pei Samantha
  • Zhang Lian
In May 2016, the following two students from LS9002 batch of Semester 2, AY2015/2016 passed his DELE A1:
  • Foo Gao Ming Jerald
  • Keichi Tan Chee Zhi
* DELE training sessions were provided by the Spanish Language Coordinator, Mrs. Cristina Gonzalez Ruiz, prior to the exam.




 A2 2016.jpg

14 NTU German students from LG9003 and LG9004 passed the A2 Zertifikat held at the Goethe Institut on 14th November 2016. Their names are:

  • Au Tsi Ying
  • Beatrice Lee
  • Guo Wei
  • Hou Danni
  • Hsu Chin Lun
  • Lee Kendric
  • Li Jingning
  • Lin Weilang John Isaac
  • Loh Ying Hui
  • Low Thien Sen
  • Nia Syazwani binte Sahaban
  • Teo Xue Ling Sarah
  • Yap Jiang Beng
  • Zhang Yiling






On 18th April 2016 the second batch of NTU German students attempted their Start Deutsch 2 examination, which certifies the A2 Level according to the European framework. A total of 17 of the LG9003 students chose to sit for the exam, and all passed, with several students scoring exceptionally high marks! Well done!

The students who passed the SD2 exam are:

  • Abilash Subbaraman,
  • Chia Wei Loong Rayner,
  • David Margono,
  • Dy Raelene Ina Bianchi Mendez,
  • Hafiz Wicaksono Hidayat,
  • Huang Peide,
  • Huang Wanyi,
  • Julian Loke Zhi Liang,
  • Lim Yi Shan Averie,
  • Lim Zhen Jie Jeremy,
  • Lin Sha,
  • Liu Sidi,
  • Loke Xiang Jonathan,
  • Magdalena Si Hoe Sian Min,
  • Nigel Tan Ming Kai,
  • Teo Wei Yang, and
  • Tyan Chwan Rong.




  • Five students have passed JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test ) test held on December 2016
Level ​Student(s) Passed
​N1 (highest level) 3
​N3 2


  • Hou Xiao
  • Jessica Chua Zi Xi
  • Che Maohao



  • Ang Ching Hui
  •  Li Sze Pui




  • Gan Jia Hui won the 6th place in Japanese Speech Contest in Singapore (tertiary division).

Gan Jia Hui.jpg



  • 10 students have passed TOPIK test held on November 2016


Level Student(s)Passed​
​Level 1 -
​Level 2 5
​Level 3 ​1
​Level 4 ​3
​Level 5 ​1
​Level 6 ​-


  • 19 students have passed TOPIK test held on April 2016


Level Student(s)Passed​
​Level 1 1​
​Level 2 ​7
​Level 3 ​5
​Level 4 ​1
​Level 5 ​4
​Level 6 ​1




  • Miss Huong Nam Phuong from LF9005 came in third for French student Singing Contest on December 2nd, 2016.
  • The result for DELF (French Proficiency test) November session 2016


Level ​Student(s) Passed
​A1 -​
​A2 1
​B1 ​4
​B2 ​4


  • The result for DELF (French Proficiency test) May session 2016


Level ​Student(s) Passed
​A1 1​
​A2 ​1
​B1 ​5



CML lecturer wins Thailand's national thesis award


On February 2nd, 2016, the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) announced the National Research Council Awards in which Dr Sureenate Jaratjarungkiat from Centre for Modern Languages was one of the recipients for the Excellence Doctoral Thesis Award.

The award is given annually to promote research development and honor Thai researchers from all over the world who work in philosophy, scientific and social science fields.

Dr Sureenate's thesis entitled "The Development of the word /pen/ in Thai" studied the chronological analysis on part of speech, functions, meanings and context from Sukhothai period right up until the present, investigated the historical development of the word /pen/ including the genesis of function and meaning, the changing pathways, and the process of development.

Dr Sureenate came to NTU with recognized talents in education, she earned all her degrees in the field of Thai Linguistics stratight from bachelor to doctoral degrees with first class honors from the most pretigious universities in Thailand. She is now Lecturer and Thai Coordinator at Centre for Modern Language, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU.



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